A Smart Watch Tailored For The Restaurant Industry

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Be Notified When Guests Place An Order

When your guests order through our app, the designated smart watch will receive an instant notification to inform the wait staff which table ordered their food. This way, staff can avoid wasting valuable time and get to serving those tables that are yet to order.

Always Stay Connected With Your Guests

The need for awkward calling out, hand waving and failed eye contacts is over in order to request a service. The Restaurant industry is changing and with advanced technology we close the gap to give mitigate inconvenience. The watch is designed to receive service requests from guests i.e. Need another bottle of water. Wait Staff will see the table number, time and service request message and can acknowledge requests as and when required. This means Staff members do not have to wait around anymore. They can be more productive this way knowing they are connected to their guests at all times.

Receive Mini Receipts When Guests Pay

The SmartServe app gives guests full control of their dining experience, meaning they can pay for their meals too and leave your establishment without ever talking to anyone, waiting for card machines etc. This is because our smart watch will be notified when guests pay for their meals by way of mini receipts and stored in a receipt folder to ensure members of staff know who has paid and who has not.

Acknowledge Each Service Request

So the watch receives 5 different service requests, who should be served first? Well, just look at the service request list in the order they were received by time and then acknowledge each request one by one.

Always Stay Connected With The Kitchen & Bar

When the food is ready to come out of the kitchen, the smart watch will receive instant notification to let the wait staff know which orders are ready for which tables. Even if the order is not ready but the kitchen require assistance, they can connect with any member of staff assigned to the kitchen.

Communicate With Members Of Staff Instantly

Each Smart Watch is equipped with a microphone and a speaking functionality which means each member of staff can communicate with each other instantly and directly without the need to use a walkie talkie.