Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

Improve Table Turn Times

With table ordering, your wait staff can take orders, send them directly to the kitchen, and accept payments without ever leaving the table

SmartServe® is every guest's virtual server, so when all your servers are busy, SmartServe®takes orders and processes orders for you to streamline your service

Wait staff don’t have to run back and forth to the kitchen, and chefs can manage orders as they appear in-real time. Once the food is ready, with a click of a button, the designated wait staff for the kitchen will be notified through our smart watch to let them know the order is ready to go

Customised Products & Features

A simple solution tailored to your restaurant needs. Our installation team will work with you to customize your menu setup, kitchen workflow, and each part of the SmartServe platform so it is tailored for your restaurant

Even if you’re not in the restaurant, you can monitor restaurant sales reports, sales exception reports, payment reports, staff performance and menu reports in real-time with your SmartServeConnect online dashboard

The Ultimate Customer Experience

Using our SmartServe app, your customers simply scan our QR-Code on the table and gain full access to your menu, place their orders directly to the kitchen, be connected with the designated wait staff at all times in case the need for service request arises, pay the bill and leave instant feedback. They do this at the luxury of their own phones

Boost Your Restaurants Revenue And Stand Out Too

Increase Customer Loyalty

Never lost connection with a valued customer entering your business. More customers will sign up for SmartServe with their email because it’s integrated in the payment process, resulting in thousands of emails in your restaurant database. The power of marketing is in your hands at no cost

Increase Customer Experience

During a customers dining journey, there are 3 periods where the customer has experienced unnecessary waiting, 1) To order, 2) Requesting a service, 3) Paying the bill. SmartServe eliminates this and truly gives your customers the ultimate dining experience

All-In-One Solution

It is sometimes difficult to keep up with all the technology providers in your restaurant. With SmartServe, you benefit from table mobile service, full reservation system, delivery/pick up, reviews, rewards, loyalty, kitchen and staff management, enhanced reporting including FREE advertisement to name a few