Hotels, Cruise Ships and Poolside

Hotels With Mobile Apps Are A Big Plus When Making Decisions On Where To Stay

Mobile devices and apps enable personalised guest services so why not give your guests the personalised service they need through SmartServe. Allow your hotel guests to instantly access a menu of your complete range of services. Your guests can browse the guest room service, place their order and charge the order to their room through a simple QR Code scanning platform that integrates with your existing EPoS system.

More Than 3 In 4 Agree That Their Smartphones Are Very Important, Even Critical

Whether your guests are in their cabin rooms or at the bar or eating in the cruise restaurant, SmartServe technology enables freedom, convenience, and a productive experience to make your guests journey fun and exciting even on a cruise! Passengers can view a full range of services, excursions, events, and entertainment you are offering onboard. SmartServe improves your customer experience and boosts revenue through upsell opportunities.

Millennials In Particular Crave The Ultra-Personalised Service They Receive

We all know the inconvenience it causes to leave our sunbed by the poolside or beach just to go over to the bar and place your order. SmartServe gives your guests the freedom to simply have full access to the menu, beverages, desserts, and servers by simply scanning our unique QR-Code by their sunbeds without moving an inch.

Synchronised Customer Service

From the moment guests scan the QR code on their phones, they will automatically remain synchronised with the designated wait staff at all times. Say goodbye to the awkward waving, shouting or missed eye contacts, even the old transmitter buttons that get damaged, lost or stolen

Work Smart, Not Hard

With the power of our S1 Smart Watch, your wait staff will know which tables have ordered , who has requested a service, when the food order in the kitchen is ready to go out and when guests have paid for their meals. Alternatively with our M1 or P1 devices, the wait staff can take orders, send it straight to the kitchen and take payments without having to leave the table saving you time and convenience

Boost Your Establishments Ratings

Give your guests the power to be in control of their own food eating and customer experience. Embrace technology that is there to help elevate your staff productivity. In return customers are happy, staff are productive and business will continue to bloom beyond your imagination