Q. Why choose SmartServe®?

SmartServe® is the world’s first multi-task ordering system that benefits your business as well as your guests through our all in one unique technology. How? Well, SmartServe® brings together the main features one would need in order to truely enjoy full control of their food eating experience. Guests can simply scan a QR Code on the table and turn their smart phones into virtual waiters. Guests can order straight to the kitchen, manage their food orders, make payment and leave instant reviews. If on the go, customers can book a reservation, order a collection or delivery as well as enjoy rewards and loyalties. The Restaurant owner, well, they get full control of everything that happens through SmartServe® i.e. food orders, reviews, management, performance, payments, advertisements and much more. SmartServe® instantly boosts your restaurants revenue, growth, table turnaround and gives guests a 5* experience.

Q. Do my guests have to download an app?

Yes, whether your guests use an android device or an apple device, they simply download our app called SmartServe® and that’s it.

Q. Can SmartServe® integrate with my current restaurant ePOS or hotel property management system (PMS)?

Yes. SmartServe® can be fully integrated with your EPoS system, App, Website or PMS. Please get in touch for more details.

Q. Is SmartServe® available worldwide?

No. SmartServe® is only available in the UK and the US. We have partnered with world-leading providers to ensure SmartServe can be integrated into restaurants across the globe. However, there will be restaurants that are not registered yet. If that is the case, refer the business and if they sign up, you get a referral fee. Win win for all.

Q. Does SmartServe® offer multiple language options?

Absolutely. Choose your preferred language and see the whole app change to provide you and your guests easy access.

Q. Do you offer a trial?

Yes, please get in touch to request a 30 day trial and to find out how SmartServe® can work for your business.

Q. Will I have control over editing menu items and adding special promotions?

You can if you wish. We can either set you up with your own administration interface, which will allow you to add, edit or delete menu details and prices at the touch of a button, or we can integrate with your existing EPoS systems. This means that any updates to your EPoS systems will automatically update SmartServe®. Full training will be given and all updates will be real-time.

Q. What payment options can my guests choose from?

SmartServe® is compatible with multiple payment partners and therefore supports any payment method, including Debit/Credit card, PayPal, AliPay, ApplePay, WorldPay, Stripe and more. It can also be integrated with existing payment gateways or EPoS systems.

Q. Do I have access to my customer’s data?

Yes. SmartServe® captures your customer data and you can use this at any time to create personalised marketing campaigns. SmartServe does not give any of your customer data to third party companies.

Q. How will my guests know SmartServe® is available in my establishment?

Your guests will connect to SmartServe® once they are seated by scanning a unique QR Code which will be placed on each individual tables. Alongside the QR Codes, there will be a short instruction telling your guests to simply download the SmartServe® app should they wish to have full control of their dining experience. We can also provide personalised marketing material for you to display either on your front door or next to your restaurant sign to let your guests know our service is available. Social integration with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and other social media sites also plays a vital role in capturing guests’ awareness and feedback. We will also be heavily advertising via national TV, Radio, Newspaper, Journals and Bill Boards to raise awareness.