Restaurants at Airports

All The Features You Need

SmartServe has features for both front and back of house, helping to serve you and your customers better. With our multi-language feature and easy payment options, every traveller can now enjoy the freedom to be in control of their own dining experience at the airport! This means, no more queuing, no longer worrying about the slow service or rushing your food

Increase Staff Productivity

Save time and stay organised by receiving customer orders directly to you bar or kitchen, so you can manage orders without the stress. Guests simply use their own phones to scan our QR Code on the table, browse through the menu with pictures, price and description and order their meals without having to wait for a member of staff. This is extremely beneficial especially during busy periods when all members of staff are busy serving

Monitor Sales & Performance

With SmartServe reports you can monitor sales in real-time straight from your iPhone, tablet or laptop. Less time spent searching for figures means more time spent on business. Understanding what sells is the key to improving your business. Understand peak times and customer trends so you can keep refining your menu & getting better

Serve Customers Faster

Give customers more personalised service by taking orders with multiple devices right at their tables, even when there’s no internet

Low Fees, No Contracts

We are confident in our products and services so we will not tie you to a contract. You can cancel anytime. Accept payments for low transaction fees

Get Paid Faster

Accept chip, swipe and contactless payments from all major credit cards. We deposit the money earned within 2-3 business days